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TimeSnapper has plugin capabilities, allowing the user to extend the base functionality of the system. If you are a developer who wants to create plugins, then take a look at Plugin Development

Official Plugins

Open Source Sample Plugins

We have open sourced the following plugins.

  • SQL Executer Plugin - For developers: Allows arbitrary SQL statements to be run against TimeSnapper database in order to extract or summarize data.
  • RSS to Flags Plugin - Creates flags on the timeline (TimeBar) based on a RSS feed such as Twitter or Yahoo Pipes.
  • Opening Hours Plugin - Defines "opening hours" for TimeSnapper, i.e. the time when TimeSnapper is actively taking screenshots.

The source code can be found on CodePlex at

User Plugins

Some enthusiastic TimeSnapper users have gone ahead and written their own plugins to have it adapt to their own needs. And that's really great and hopefully it will be useful to others.

Other Ideas?

We maintain a list of ideas for plugins, at this page: Plugin_Ideas