Plugin Ideas

From TimeSnapper

Phone log integration

Extract phone call logs from your phone (e.g. from a BlackBerry) and import as flags.

Image Correction

Run over older images, resize them and/or convert them to lower resolution.

Flags to Twitter

Send flags to twitter. (Truncate at max length) (This is the opposite of the current 'RSS to Flags Plugin' which is used to turn Twitter entries into flags. If you use both at once, there would be a feedback loop which would probably blow up the entire internet)

A Goal Settings Plugin

Helps you with rules such as...

  • During working hours tell me when my productivity slips below 80%
  • During working hours tell me when I have been unproductive for 1 hour during the day
  • During working hours tell me when I have been 90 productive for 2 hours... so i can give myself a reward.
  • Notify me when I haven't taken a X min break [idle time] for Y minutes, because breaks are good for my health.

Calendar Integration

Put appointments from my iCal based calendar into TimeSnapper

The opposite: Put flags from TimeSnapper into your outlook calendar

More Outlook Integration

Record current application activity in outlook Journal.

NextAction as a plugin

When a next action item is crossed off -- have it logged in timesnapper (i.e. nextaction as a timesnapper plugin.... )


[DONE] Record my Twitter items as Flags in TimeSnapper (see Plugins

Or the opposite: when I create a new flag, of type 'Note' -- add it to Twitter.


Detect idle time and take a snapshot through webcam => needs ComputerIdle event (TS 3.5) and access to "SaveScreenshot(bmp, additionalinfo)"


SendTo: A menu item that lets you send the image in the day browser (or the reports in the reports dialog) to a folder location, or to an application. (could be used to connect the OCR module)


A true archiver (which doesn't delete the images, perhaps moves them or creates an .AVI file)


Only take a Snap on Context Switch (

Discussion of some of these is here:

TFS Integration

Connect to TFS, get outstanding tasks and assign time against them.

Or -- connect to TFS, read what work items a user completed, and drop them into the timeline as flags.

Secure TimeStamping

Need to prove that your images haven't been tampered with? You need to publish digitally signed cryptographically secure hashes of your data, to multiple timestamp servers on the Internet.

The file itself does not need to be published until later, if proof is required.

So this is low bandwidth, and doesn't involve uploading your images to the internet.

Further reading:

Boss Key

Old school games had a boss key. If the boss is approaching your desk, you press a key and the game hides, showing instead a boring screen full of figures.

Timesnapper could have a plugin that acts as a boss key.

Press a key and all unproductive apps are minimized, and the most recently used productive app is maximized.

I wish I had this. Not because 'the boss is coming' but because the 'executive' part of my brain keeps getting lost in all the distractions.

Boss key for the win!