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Version 4.1+

Sometimes we release a new version to fix bugs that affect only very few users and we don't detail exactly here what those updates are. The users reporting those bugs are notified individually instead.

Version - February 2024

  • Resolved GDI Leak which caused TimeSnapper to crash if left running too long on some devices.
  • Updated Dot Net framework compatibility
  • Improvements to URL capturing for recent browser versions.
  • NOTE! Certain timesheet functionality has been removed (timesheet dialog, lookup integration, flag types). Do not upgrade if you rely on this functionality.


  • Minor patch, to fix a GDI object handle leak which lead to "Out of Memory" exceptions after running for a day.


  • We now support, for example "4K" monitors, with high or custom DPI, including mixtures of DPI amongst multiple monitors.
  • Fixes URL grabbing from Firefox 25+
  • Fixes a problem caused by AVG tampering with mutex. This meant that single-instance checking stopped timesnapper from starting on machines that use AVG for virus checking. (The log file would read 'Another instance found')
  • Fixes problem where Reporting on "Time spent in front of computer" would show info for 1 more day was reported on than was requested. (So if you asked for 1 day, you'd get 2, etc.) Although we always like to give people more than they ask for, this was, indeed, a bug, that had to be fixed.


  • Smarter Snapping
    • Due to the way modern applications are composed of an ever more complex combination of hardware/software layers we've had to redesign the way 'application only' snapshots are taken. This improves our capture of IE11, firefox with flash and any Direct3D rendered applications.


  • New Features
    • Cater for changes to Google Chrome Browser, which stopped our URL detection from working.
    • Better handling for recording titles etc. of 64 bit applications from TimeSnapper (which is 32 bit)


  • New features:
    • Verified and tested to work with the following browsers:
      • Firefox 9.0.1 - 12.0
      • Chrome v. 17.0.963.33 beta-m up to 19.0.1084.52 m


  • New features:
    • Verified and tested to work with the following browsers:
      • Chrome v. 14.0.835.126 beta-m
      • IE 9.0.8112.16421
      • Firefox 6.0.2
      • Firefox 5.0
      • Firefox 4.0
    • True archiving capabilities. Instead of deleting images during auto-cleanup, TimeSnapper can move the images to an archiving folder (accessed from Tools -> Options -> Auto Cleanup)
    • When a manual capture is taken, by default "Pin" that particular screenshot since the user most likely wants to hold on to that image.
    • Plugin enhancements
  • Bugs fixed:
    • Day browser: When deleting a single image, move the focus to the next image (instead of the previous)
    • Day browser: Fixed some bugs with regards to selection in timebar (using shift + arrows) and when displaying from the reports (previously all snapshots turned out selected from the beginning of the day to where the index was set)
    • Day browser: "Add flag" split button's drop down portion wasn't quite working. Also, now remembers the previous selection and re-uses it if you just press the button part of the split button


  • New features:
    • Possible to "pin" screenshots. That will make the archiver skip those particular images during the clean-up process.
      • This is possible to do from the TimeBar in the day browser: select a range of images (or single), right click the TimeBar and select "Pin selected images".
      • Also possible for individual screenshots using the "Pin" button
      • If you want to protect a bigger range of images (e.g. a particular month), this feature is also available from the Find/Activity Overview screen. There you can search for screenshots over a range, right click and "Protect".
      • Corresponding "Unpin" functionality exists of course
      • Possible to see how many/much you have pinned in the Options -> Auto-cleanup screen.
    • Better error handling: If 5 captures in a row fail (for whatever reason), warn the user with a bubble from the tray icon. If 20 captures fail in a row, stop capturing and notify user with a message box
    • Other tweaking to enhance the robustness furthermore.
  • Bugfixing:
    • After long usage of TimeSnapper, it would become unresponsive and not take screenshots. That has now been fixed.


  • URL capturing for the latest Google Chrome


  • URL capturing in Firefox (German) 3.6.3 wasn't working properly
  • Minor cosmetic fixes


  • Possible to exclude screenshots by URL's using the Filters functionality
  • Fixed problem with scaling on computers using unusual font sizes or DPI settings.
  • Plugin developers: SelectedDate property on the click event args for a custom menu now includes the time as well


  • Minor update for supporting Greek AM/PM settings

Version 3.5

  • Plugin model enhanced considerably
    • 3 sample plugins come provided with the setup file (not the auto-update). They are located in the TimeSnapper\SamplePlugins folder:
    • RSS to Flags Plugin - Creates flags on the timeline (TimeBar) based on a RSS feed such as Twitter or Yahoo Pipes.
    • Opening Hours Plugin - Defines "opening hours" for TimeSnapper, i.e. the time when TimeSnapper is actively taking screenshots.
    • SQL Executer Plugin - For developers: Allows arbitrary SQL statements to be run against TimeSnapper database in order to extract or summarize data.
  • See our wiki for some screenshots and more details: Wiki: Plugins
  • Support for capturing URLs from Firefox 3.5.1
  • Various minor improvements

Version 3.4

  • Long awaited plugin model! Enthusastic TimeSnapper users with programming know-how can develop plugins using .NET
  • First plugin: "Export to animated .gif" pluqin.
    • Accessible by selecting a range of activity on the TimeBar in the Day Browser, right clicking and selecting "Create Animated Gif"
  • TimeSnapper Portable -- possible to run directly from a USB key
  • URL capturing enhancements for website classifications / productivity calculations
    • added support for URL capturing of Chrome 1.0xxx and IE 8.0 (beta)
    • now captures localhost URL and etc.
  • Day browser: Cosmetic enhancements
  • Day browser: Play speed selected with (Slowest, Slow, Normal, Fast, Very Fast) etc. (But still possible to enter milliseconds directly into the box)
  • Manual capture now works properly again ([Win]+[S] to bring up 'Shortcuts', then [M] for 'Manual capture' )
  • New installations now store the snapshots and the database in a local appdata folder instead of a roaming one (which could cause problems)
  • Automatic bug reporting includes some memory and OS information now
  • ObjectDisposed error should not appear any more on systems under heavy memory load
  • Upgrading from TimeSnapper Classic to Pro is now fully automated

Version 3.3

  • Day Browser: A decent zoom functionality finally! Now you can zoom into the screenshots more than before. Really nice for those capturing multiple monitors or those who need to take a much closer look at the screenshots.
  • Day Browser: Categorize web sites as productive or non-productive like any other application! You can do it from the Productivity Wizard or directly from the Day Browser. You can also easily see if the current screenshot is categorized as productive or not.
  • Day Browser: Ctrl-F5 refreshes/reloads the TimeBar
  • Automatic Note Taking Reminder: New option in the automatic popup dialog (note taking reminder). Now it's possible to chose between:
  • Showing dialog on top of all others (default behaviour)
  • Showing dialog minimized and flashing like MSN (new feature)
  • Activity Overview: Added URL and Domain to the list of available columns in the Activity overview dialog. You can of course group by them like other columns.
  • Reports: Added a duration column to the Flags Reports. The duration tells the time difference between the current task and the next one (as long as it isn't a NOTE)
  • Day Browser: Removed the +/- button. Use Ctrl-F to toggle between showing the toolbar or not.
  • App: By default check for updates automatically (can be turned off from the options dialog).
  • Bug fixes:
    • TimeSnapper: Text Extractor has stopped working. Debugging in VS shows the error: InvalidOperationException: SetCompatibleTextRenderingDefault must be called before the first IWin32Window object is created in the application (reported here)
    • If we ran out of space while logging, the app would crash (case 2085)
    • other minor bugfixes


  • Program Statistics report improvements
    • Statistics per web site finally! URLs captured for IE, Firefox (3.0, 2.0), Chrome
    • possible to click IExplore / Firefox (not 3.0 yet) and Chrome to get a detailed breakdown of web pages
    • show the hours as well as the percentage
    • a total column at the bottom to show overall computer usage
  • Some performance tuning when loading a day in the Day Browser
  • Starts up a lot faster
  • The following reports have been enhanced to include a link to the appropriate day in the Day Browser:
    • Time Spent in front of the computer Report
    • Productivity Score report
    • Flags Report
    • Disk Space Usage Report
  • Assorted bug fixes and cosmetic changes


  • Day browser - Timebar: show productive and nonproductive time as green and red in the timebar
  • Day browser - Timebar: activity shown as all-blue if the productivity score panel is hidden in the day browser
  • Day browser - Shortcuts: left and right arrow keys can be used to scroll between snapshots without having to set the focus specifically to the timebar. This is more consistent with how people expect this to work
  • Automatic Note Taking Reminder: Previous Comment Text Behavior Inconsistent fixed.
  • Activity Overview: Wild cards are automatically applied to program/window title search criteria
  • Activity Overview: Minor Bug - Activity Overview Export to CSV
  • Reports: Activity Cloud exclusion list made case insensitive
  • Error handling: The TimeSnapper database (Firebird) is validated and fixed on startup should any errors be found. (FbException ErrorCode=335544344 and 335544321)
  • Day browser - Timebar: removed a flickering problem when hovering over flags

Version 3.0

  • NOTE: This is a free upgrade for all existing customers!
  • Great improvements to the Activity Cloud (word cloud) report:
    • Click on a word in the cloud to zoom in. That generates a new cloud with only words related to the previously clicked word.
    • Then click the "View Activity" link to see all activity relating to that word in the Activity Search dialog.
  • More meaningful cloud because:
    • Users can now configure what words/phrases to exclude from the word cloud
    • Users can configure what words to keep together in the cloud, e.g. names
    • Added the ability to import exclude lists from a file. This is useful to exclude frequent words from other languages
    • Two word lists are shipped with the installation: "Top 100" word lists for German and Spanish
  • Bugfixes:
    • Multi-monitor screenshots were broken for users with "unusual" monitor placement (e.g. monitor 2 on the left of monitor 1).
    • Program statistics report: firefox could appear multiple times in the report because of case sensitivity.
    • Auto-popup: Allow users to enter Zero in "after X seconds of inactivity" in the "Auto-popup note-taking reminder configuration"
    • Timesheet database integration: transactions switched off if provider is mysqlprov
    • other minor bugfixes
  • Technical:
    • Moved to Microsoft .NET framework, version 2.0 which will ease adding multiple long awaited features
    • Replaced the webbrowser control with a .net version of it (no need for interop .dlls anymore)

Version 2.7

  • New report: Activity Cloud. Shows a word cloud of accumulated windows titles for a given period. This can give you an idea really quickly about what you were doing on a particular day. Words that appear more frequently appear bigger in the cloud.
  • New filtering controls in the reports dialog for easier date ranges selections
  • Some minor fixes:
  • TimeSnapper was unable to capture apps in Vista running with elevated privileges - normally Visual Studio as admin (UAC turned ON)
  • Capturing (semi-)transparent windows in a multi-monitor setup didn't always work
  • Saved Dialog positions should be ignored if out of bounds
  • The bug report dialog now allows empty email address
  • Check if the database version is later than the TS client
  • Multiple retries for connecting to the database if db-file is locked
  • Fixed problem that was continually logged if there was no BookingDefinitions.xml file.

Older releases

Please see our old release notes page.