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Click anywhere in the TimeBar to jump to that point in time. It's like a Time Machine! Or you can just watch the day like a movie by pressing the Play button. This is one of the ways TimeSnapper can help you track time automatically and effectively.

Notice the gaps in the TimeBar -- that's where TimeSnapper has detected that you are away.

Also notice the red and green stripes in the TimeBar -- they differentiate between productive and unproductive time so you can quickly see patterns!

In the TimeBar you can:

  • select another day which you want to browse (by using the << and >> buttons)
  • add notes and tags to any point in time
  • see gaps in the time line when you are away from the computer, perhaps at a meeting
  • select range of screenshots/activity and get some basic information about the range, such as the duration, active and idle time and more
  • delete a series of screenshots
  • zoom in and out of the time line.


Function Shortcut
Play/Pause F5
Refresh TimeBar Ctrl + F5
Next day Ctrl + + (or Ctrl + N)
Previous day Ctrl + - (or Ctrl + P)
Frame left <- (Left arrow)
Frame right -> (Right arrow)
5 frames left PageUp
5 frames right PageDown
15 frames left Ctrl + PageUp
15 frames right Ctrl + PageDown
TimeBar First Frame Home
TimeBar Last Frame End
TimeBar Select Multiple Screenshots Shift + (Arrow keys or PgUpDn)
Delete selected Images Ctrl + Del
TimeBar Zoom In Z
TimeBar Zoom Out Shift + Z
TimeBar Select All Ctrl + A
New Flag Ins