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(NB: This plugin is mostly intended for developers and very technically inclined people)

The SQL Executer is a sample plugin that allows anyone to run SQL queries against TimeSnapper database.


How to use

To use, type in a command in the "SQL Query" part of the screen, select the text and select Tools > Execute SQL (or Ctrl-E) The results will be shown in the Results part of the window and can be copied (using Ctrl-C) to e.g. Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Try these:

Count the number of screenshots that have been taken since TimeSnapper was first installed:

 select count(*) from activity

Count the number of screenshots that are still existing:

 select count(*) from activity where filename is not null

For a definition of TimeSnapper's database model - see Database Model which shows which tables and columns exist.

Sample Queries

List available TimeSnapper tables:

select rdb$relation_name
from rdb$relations
where rdb$view_blr is null 
and (rdb$system_flag is null or rdb$system_flag = 0)
order by 1

If you develop some interesting queries, be sure to send us a copy and we'll include them here for others to enjoy!