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TFS Integration

Connect to TFS, get outstanding tasks and assign time against them.

Or -- connect to TFS, read what work items a user completed, and drop them into the timeline as flags.

Image Correction

Run over older images, resize them and/or convert them to lower resolution.

A Goal Settings Plugin

Helps you with rules such as...

  • During working hours tell me when my productivity slips below 80%
  • During working hours tell me when I have been unproductive for 1 hour during the day
  • During working hours tell me when I have been 90 productive for 2 hours... so i can give myself a reward.

Calendar Integration

Put appointments from my iCal based calendar into TimeSnapper

The opposite: Put flags from TimeSnapper into your outlook calendar

More Outlook Integration

Record current application activity in outlook Journal.

NextAction as a plugin

When a next action item is crossed off -- have it logged in timesnapper (i.e. nextaction as a timesnapper plugin.... )


Record my Twitter items as Flags in TimeSnapper --

Or the opposite: when I create a new flag, of type 'Note' -- add it to Twitter.


Detect idle time and take a snapshot through webcam => needs ComputerIdle event (TS 3.5) and access to "SaveScreenshot(bmp, additionalinfo)"


SendTo: both for the image in the day browser, but also for the reports in the reports dialog (could be used to connect the OCR module)


A true archiver (which doesn't delete the images, perhaps moves them or creates an .AVI file)


Only take a Snap on Context Switch (

Discussion of some of these is here: