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  • Clicking the record button will start TimeSnapper's regular recording process and minimize the dialog to the system tray (the bottom right corner close to the clock)

Interval setting

  • The number of seconds that pass until a new screenshot is taken

Filters dropdown and filter "..." button

  • Allows you to set the active filter
  • Opens the list of filters screen

Play button

  • Opens the Day Browser where you can play your day, just like a movie

Find button

  • Opens the Activity Overview dialog where you can search for screen shots and slice & dice your data

Reports button



  • Exit the application

Go To

  • Takes you quickly to another part of TimeSnapper

Tools > Timesheet

Tools > Advanced > Import images from older version

  • If you've moved images around and they are not showing up in TimeSnapper - you might need to import them. TimeSnapper keeps a database of where all the images are located, so if you move them around you need to tell TimeSnapper.