Import Encrypted Images

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Let's say you've lost your TimeSnapper database (for whatever reason) but you have all the images in a safe place. However, you are not able to view them since you've password protected them. TimeSnapper uses a very secure way of encrypting the images so that no one can view them unless they have the password.

So when you start TimeSnapper for the first time, it creates a new database. You'll need to import the images into TimeSnapper be let it know where those images are. You do that by:

   Tools > Advanced > Import images from older version

When TimeSnapper imports the images, it is unaware that they are encrypted (that information is saved in the database that got lost). So, what you need to do is tell TimeSnapper that these images are encrypted by updating the database. First make sure you:

   Tools > Options > Privacy > Check the "protect screenshots" checkbox and use the same password as previously

Go to the Menu (this is a hidden feature of TimeSnapper, therefore it may look strange)

   Help > About...

Next, right click the big "TimeSnapper" text in the about box and select "Run Command..."

In the dialog that opens, paste in the following (assuming all your pictures are saved with the same password):

   update activity set PWDID = (select max(PWDID) from pwd)

Now click "OK". Then TimeSnapper should connect all the existing pictures that you have imported to the password you just entered.

Alternatively, this method can also be used:

Then using TS SQL Executer plugin SQL Executer Plugin, run the following update (called an SQL statement):

   update activity set PWDID = (select max(PWDID) from pwd) where SNAPDATE < '2011-10-15'

... and now you should be all set! (Make sure you update the date in the SQL statement appropriately.)