How To Never Lose Any Of Your Data Again

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  • The busy photographic mum
    • Takes a lot of photos of her children
    • Cleans up the photos -- red eye reduction, trimming etc.
  • The Family Budgeter
    • Spreadsheets and word documents
    • Needs immediate access to files from anywhere
  • Uncle Reggie the Family Historian
    • little to no internet
    • wants data to live beyond his lifespan
  • The Coder
    • Writes in many different languages
    • Contributes to personal and public projects
  • The travelling designer
    • Design work and graphic art for many clients
    • Uses his own equipment, or the client's
    • Travels a lot
  • Dadmin, CTO of the most important organisation in the world: his family.
    • A plan for the whole family

What to Protect

  • Identify your stuff
  • Example Scenarios
  • Recovery Planning

Version Control

  • Manual
  • Distributed
  • Distributed Automatic

Alternatives to VC

  • Volume Shadow Copy
  • Mirroring
  • Replication


  • Mean time to failure
  • Onsite, Off site
  • Media
  • Online, off line

Triggering a Backup

  • Manual
  • Scheduled
  • Continuous


  • Manual
  • Live-recovery
  • Automatic failover

Data Forensics

  • Extraction
  • Repair
  • Recovery

Life Capture

  • Screen capture
  • Restore Process
  • Life Capture