Get The Best Screenshots You Can

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This is step 8 of 25 Steps to Build Your Own Micro ISV

When people first visit your page, they're looking for two things: screenshots and download.

They've arrived there because of a link somewhere. They probably have a vague idea of what it does already. A lengthy description is not what's required. What's required is screenshots and download.

  • on windows, use the best theme you can, and the latest OS.

If Windows version 12 has just been released -- then don't show screenshots from Windows version 11. Windows version 11 is sooo last month. Appear to be ahead of the curve. Cash in on the millions of dollars that big companies have spent making their new platform appear desirable.

  • don't make people hunt for screenshots
  • put a thumbnail or two on the front page
  • have those thumbnails lead to more pictures

When people click on the little thumbnails on the front page they don't expect those thumbnails to lead to the purchase page, or the FAQ or any other random page you may think it most important. They expect that clicking there will lead to a bigger version of the screenshot they clicked on. And perhaps a way to see a lot more pictures of the application.

Videos are even better. Google tend to lead their product announcement with a video.

This is step 8 of 25 Steps to Build Your Own Micro ISV