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Day Browser

The Day Browser is one of the most interesting parts of TimeSnapper. It's the place where you can go back in time and see what you were really doing in the computer. It has a lot more features and functionality than is readily apparent at first glance.

Play/Pause button

  • Starts and stops the playback of selected day


  • Shows the times of the day that you were active in front of the computer
  • Click anywhere on the TimeBar to jump to that point in time
  • See TimeBar for a lot more info on how you can use it

Day picker

  • Select the day you need to review


  • Set the speed you want to play your day


  • If you only want to view screen shots for a particular program


  • Zooms in and out of the image
  • Set it to "(To Fit)" if you want to see the whole image as large as possible, while still seeing the whole picture


  • Create flags on the timeline/TimeBar to add notes to specific periods or screen shots

Image menu

  • Copy Image
  • Copy Path
  • Open Parent Folder
  • Edit
  • Extract Text (OCR)
  • Exclude From Capture
  • Delete Selected Images
  • Properties

View menu

  • Productivity Score


  • Image control
  • Productivity panel
  • Selection panel


  • If you want finer control over the play speed than what you get with the drop down, you can enter the speed directly in milliseconds. TimeSnapper will use that number as the delay between playing each frame. If you enter 10000, TimeSnapper will advance by 1 frame every 10 seconds.
  • Although the filter drop down box appears only to support filtering by program names, it actually can filter on window titles as well. Just type directly into it and TimeSnapper will filter as you type on either the program name or the window title
  • You can select a range of activity on the TimeBar just like you can select text in any Windows application -- using either the mouse or the keyboard.


Function Shortcut
Play/Pause F5
Refresh TimeBar Ctrl + F5
Next day Ctrl + + (or Ctrl + N)
Previous day Ctrl + - (or Ctrl + P)
Frame left <- (Left arrow)
Frame right -> (Right arrow)
5 frames left PageUp
5 frames right PageDown
15 frames left Ctrl + PageUp
15 frames right Ctrl + PageDown
TimeBar First Frame Home
TimeBar Last Frame End
TimeBar Select Multiple Screenshots Shift + (Arrows or PgUpDn)
Image Properties F4 (or Alt + Enter)
Copy Images to Clipboard Ctrl + C
Delete selected Images Ctrl + Del
TimeBar Zoom In Z
TimeBar Zoom Out Shift + Z
TimeBar Select All Ctrl + A
New Flag Ins
Go to Filter text box Ctrl + F