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In very rare cases, you may encounter a database corruption. There are multiple possible reasons for that (e.g. Windows crash, hard drive problems etc.). TimeSnapper tries to fix this automatically but sometimes it is not possible.

Here is a typical error when that happens:

 database file appears corrupt ()
 bad checksum
 checksum error on database page xxxxxx

Unfortunately in this case, you will need to start with a fresh database, in which case you will lose some information. These are the steps you need to perform:

  • Click Start -> Run
  • Paste in: %localappdata%\Timesnapper\Database
  • Click OK => this should open the location where TimeSnapper database is located.
  • Rename the database file, e.g. from "TIMESNAPPER.FDB" to "TIMESNAPPER - CORRUPT.FDB" (make sure TimeSnapper isn't running)
  • Start TimeSnapper again => TimeSnapper will recreate a new database and you will need to re-register the license
  • Re-configure TimeSnapper as you prefer (don't forget to set the Auto-clean up as you want to have it - so it doesn't delete any images)
  • Import the old images using Tools -> Advanced -> Import Images from Older version
 * Or if you had encrypted images, you will need to look at: Import Encrypted Images