Change Settings

From TimeSnapper

TimeSnapper maintains all the settings in its database in a table called Options. Normally, you don't have to worry about that table. Sometimes, after some fiddling (e.g. after changing regional settings etc), you may have to update it manually to fix a problem.

A typical problem is when a setting/option is saved as a "0.3" instead of a "0,3" (notice the comma) - or visa versa (depends on your computer setting).

To update a single setting, you can:

  • Restart TimeSnapper
  • Go to Help -> About
  • Right click the TimeSnapper logo and select "Run Command"
  • Paste in the following line into the dialog box that just opened:
  Update options set val = '1' where name = 'DayBrowserZoomLevel'
  • And click OK.
  • Restart TimeSnapper again, just in case.

Now that setting should be in effect!