25 Steps to Build Your Own Micro ISV

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Turning an amateur software project into a professional project is a straight forward process -- but it involves a lot of steps.

We're putting together articles on each of the steps we've identified, as a way to help other developers turning their fledgling idea into a working MicroISV.

1. Register That Domain

2. Reliable Hosting

3. Website Design

4. Basic Website Content

5. Install Traffic Monitoring on your site

6. Create forums, Encourage Feedback

7. Maintain a FAQ

8. Get The Best Screenshots You Can

9. Configure Email For Your Domain

10. Establish Payment Account

11. Allow Payment from your website

12. Create a PAD file (portable application description)

13. Register at Download Sites

14. Strategy: Separate "Free" From "Professional" product

15. Write Your Own EULA (end user license agreement) -- infact write two!

16. Auto Update Strategy

17. License Activation Webservice/Website

18. Get a License Management Database

19. Build a Proper Installer

20. Obfuscate Your Assemblies

21. Automate Your Build+Release Strategy

22. Free up enough time/resources for Dealing With Support

23. Shiny, Usable, Helpful

24. Plan and enact your Promotional Strategy

25. Do It All Again